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10 Steps to Great Design

Posted by Rama

15 May 2011 — No Comments

Posted in Design, Inspiration

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Good design is easily transformed into great design when you a combine solid strategy with an iron-clad process.

Here are the fundamentals to consider:

  1. Do your research.
    Understand the goal of the project and the desired end result.
    Research your client’s audience, their needs, and how to effectively communicate with them.
  2. Have a plan.
    Chart the course of the project down to the details.
    Ensure your client is aware of when their input and feedback is needed all along the way.
  3. “To Thine Own Process Be True.”
    Be deliberate and methodical in your approach: Great design is found at the intersection of creativity and logic… trust the process!
  4. Be patient.
    When your design is in its infancy, simply let your thoughts and ideas “swirl” – don’t worry about a concrete product just yet.
    Some of the best ideas are spun from wild imagination!
  5. Go “old-school”.
    Resist the urge to hop on a computer right away.
    Put pen or pencil to paper as you start to flesh out ideas… be messy, and don’t worry about perfection just yet.
    Work out as much as possible in preliminary form before things begin to take final shape.
  6. Have a reason.
    If you’ve done all the right research and followed your creative process, the justification for your work should fall in lock step.
    Every great design is backed by an even greater “raison d’être”!
  7. Follow your instincts.
    Be sharp! You’ve done your research, and you now have a sound basis for your design…Trust yourself to come up with the best final solution for your client.
  8. Challenge yourself.
    Act as “your own worst critic” as you get to the final stages of your project.
    Try to review your work objectively: Ask others for their feedback, and whether or not they understand the goal of the communication. Be open to change.
  9. Present with confidence.
    Remember to “sell” your concept with conviction. Explain your process to the client and what has led you to this point.
    Be open to constructive criticism and anticipate potential pitfalls.
  10. Implement effectively.
    Use your client’s feedback to refine your work to perfection.
    Don’t drop the ball in implementation! Follow through so that your “final product” will achieve measurable results in a real-world application.

In these ten steps, you have everything you need to produce stunning and successful designs. Remember to have fun with your work, and be sure to keep me posted on your latest and greatest creations!

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