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Avoid a Summer Meltdown

Posted by Rama

15 Jun 2011 — No Comments

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Sunny Days

Here are a few ways that I keep cool in the design industry when things are burnin’ up around me…

Everything is heating up here HOTLANTA* – literally and figuratively. We’re swamped with projects and that makes us all very, very happy – however, this daily 90+ degree heat is making us lose our ever-loving minds!

To maintain order, efficiency and effectiveness with temperatures rising, I keep these fundamentals in mind:

Design is a weather-resistant entity.
The design show must go on – whether it’s hot, cold or room temperature. Like all babies, I have the tendency to get a little cranky and sleepy when it’s hot. To combat heat-induced lethargy, I keep myself properly caffeinated and hydrated so that I can maintain my creative focus. (If you use this technique, remember to drink 1 additional cup of water for every caffeinated beverage you consume!)

No false moves!
In the heat, if you move too fast you’ll fade away quickly. That’s also true with design. When I work slowly and methodically, I tend to get to the best results more quickly, with less rework. (I call this the “turtle principle”)

Service with a smile. ☺
I might be sweating, but by gosh I’m smiling! Frequent smile breaks help me forget that I’m working in what feels like a sauna room for most of the day, and reminds me that despite the inconvenience of the heat, I still have it pretty good.

Never let ‘em see you sweat!
When the heat index reaches 100 or more degrees, definitely consider phone conferences vs. face-to-face meetings. A phone conference will help preserve everyone’s energy (and dignity) and potential save you (meaning me) from the embarrassment of a bad hair day!

My computer keyboard has a built in thermostat (crazy, I know) and the official temperature inside of my office this afternoon is 80 degrees! Writing about the heat is making me even more hot, so I’m heading to the water cooler now!

Talk to us about your experiences in this enduring heat wave… Commiseration is fun, and it will also help us all to avoid a “meltdown!”

* BTW, yes, it is dorky calling my town “Hotlanta,” however I could not resist its appropriateness for this particular blog. So there!

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