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About Us

About Brandshake CreativeYour brand is the collection of experiences your customers have with your company, and the strength of your brand is built on consistently delivering exceptional experiences. Each touch point is a virtual handshake with your audience; a chance to build up or break down your brand. How a customer interacts with your Web site, social media or other communication channel can greatly influence their perception of you, even change it.

This has always been true, but the Web brings the power of experience (as opposed to image) even more to the front, because it’s the ultimate customer-empowering environment. He or she who clicks the mouse constructs their own experience through the building blocks you are providing on your Web site, social media presence, email messages and any other touch points.

Providing an exceptional overall experience over time and through multiple touch points is key to creating a successful, lasting brand.

Brandshake Creative helps you extend your brand across multiple touch points – both online and offline – with confidence.

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